I am Australian. I was born in the heart of Melbourne, at the old Queen Victoria Hospital.

My father died five days before my fourth birthday. My journey through life was not easy, which led me to write a chapter about loss and grief, because as a child I was to be seen and not heard, and I needed to say to people that kids grieve too.


As adults, you may notice it as a change in their behaviours or as failing at school, and you need to know that they are not always naughty children; that they may be traumatised children who have had to learn a whole new way of coping in a world they didn’t have a say in. Children need to be believed in, supported throughout their life, and told that they can be anything they want to be in life; they just need to want it enough.


So, my eldest daughter is the stroke coordinator for a big hospital in Qld, my middle daughter drives 450-tonne dump trucks in the mines, my youngest daughter is a paramedic and my son is a third-year nurse. And me, I have just completed Loss and Grief Counselling and almost completed a Diploma of Community Service, and I have been working as a myotherapist for 13 years and I have also been an Energy Therapist for 10 years.


I enjoy working with people to help them regain their health and mobility.  I also enjoy my writing as well.

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